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About Us

"I have dedicated my life's work to the craft of fine woodworking" 

In a world of poorly made disposable furniture, I follow the teachings of the master who taught me. David Margonelli. I spent nearly a decade apprenticing and working for the late master woodworker David Margonelli, of Margonelli Furniture in Edgecomb, Maine. David taught me not only how to build fine furniture, but also the philosophy behind the successful marriage of form and function. The details of fine woodworking. Having an eye for proportions. Knowing what elements will and will not work together. Recognizing the issues inherent when working with real wood, and avoiding the problems that can occur from poorly designed or poorly built furniture. He also taught me to recognize the beauty of wood in its raw form which allows me to hand-pick every board I use and ensure grain and color consistency when and where it is called for. 

"Every job is unique to the client"

There are always aspects of building custom pieces, large or small, which require input from the client. As opposed to purchasing "off-the-rack" items, I offer YOU the opportunity to have a real influence on your piece. Why settle for something that has been mass produced with inferior materials and techniques when you could have something custom built for your space and needs, made in any style you want and that will stand the test of time?

Some of the unique services I perform include furniture for the disabled, augmentation or alteration of existing pieces and furniture re-purposing. (Taking an existing piece or elements from that piece to create something new and useful.) Re-purposing is a way to give new life to pieces that may have been in the family but are no longer useful in their current form. 

"Limitless possibilities"

The point of custom built furniture is to get exactly what you want.Exactly what works for YOU. This includes not only the physical aspects of the work but the aesthetics of the finish as well. Through a partnership with veteran finisher Chris Erickson, ( we are able to offer any finish appearance imaginable. Whether you desire a natural oil, stain, paint, antiqued or varnish look, we are able to provide any  finish you could want as well as color match to surrounding elements already present in the intended space. In short, any style and any look is possible. Traditional, antique, modern contemporary or anything in between.  

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